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Don't forget to ask what extra charges, in addition to the hourly rate,
your Denver mover plans to charge you?

  • Do they have a fuel or mileage charge?
  • Do they have a travel or trip charge?
  • Do they have a shrink wrap charge?
  • Do they have a weekend upcharge?
  • Do they have a dispatch charge?
  • Do they have a stair charge?
  • Heavy object charge?
  • Extra stop charge?
  • And the list goes on and on...

Then call Galt Moving Denver & ask the same thing. Finally, when does the clock start? Your house or their office?

"If you hire anyone else you'll pay hundreds in unnecessary moving charges"

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We protect your house

denver movers protection

before we start

We take extra care to protect your home using door jam protectors, floor covering and furniture pads in high traffic area to minimize the effects of moving.


We protect your goods

denver movers shrink wrap

By shrink wrapping items

We will shrink wrap your wood, upholstered, and drawered furniture to help keep you items safe from dirt, paint and other uncessary wear and tear.


We protect in transit

denver movers with huge armoire

By padding your furniture

Most people don't know this but most moving related damage happens on the truck. To help avoid external scratching we pad ALL furniture in-transit.


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Denver Movers - 98% recommend us:



As your Denver movers, Galt Moving is dedicated to excellence in the moving industry. In fact, 98 percent of our customers would recommend Galt Moving Denver to a friend. We have built this Denver moving company on standards of integrity and a level of service that exceeds your expectations. Our staff consists of Denver movers that understand the moving process from conception to completion. We are used to going the extra mile for our customer, and you will come to expect it from Galt Moving Denver.

Extra charges cost hundreds with most denver movers:

Galt Moving Denver has "been around the block" in the moving industry. We know that Denver moving companies have a host of ways to hide their true cost from the consumer. They might have a travel charge and a fuel charge and a shrink wrap charge that they failed to mention to you before the move and it ends up costing you hundreds in unnecessary moving charges. At Galt Moving Denver we don't play these games. We have an honest hourly rate that starts when we arrive at your house, NOT when we leave our office, and ends when we place the last piece of furniture in your home. There are no other charges for the your metro Denver moving service, period. These are simple words but are not ever spoken by our competitors.


If you think about it, what you really want is to have a friend in the Denver moving business, better yet, a family member. Galt Moving Denver is a family business with two generations of our family helping your family through a stressful period. But what's great about having Denver movers as family is that you save money when you deal with family. At Galt Moving Denver we will save you hundreds in unnecessary extra charges, just as if you were family.


Denver moving companies take on Residential moving that may be Local, intra-state or even interstate. These relocations range from Denver apartment movers to big time multi moving truck operations. At Galt Moving Denver we take special care on every Denver move. Galt Moving Denver owns it's own fleet of trucks and ALL OUR TRUCKS are 36 foot Moving trucks NOT re-purposed box trucks or worse yet, rental trucks. That means they are the largest moving straight trucks on the road with cab over storage that can really make a difference on a large Denver relocation.


They know that ultimately the men that arrive at your house are the critical link between you and the moving company. So Galt Moving Denver hires only the best Denver movers because we know that is what makes the most difference. These are professional movers NEVER TEMPORARY workers. Galt Moving Denver has full time movers and does not use temporary laborers or temporary labor services. The worst Denver Movers will lie about Galt Moving Denver and any other competitor you are considering and try to sell you with "scare" tactics that are untrue. In contrast, ask us about any competitor, we will never talk negatively about the competition. We will simply sell you with the merits of our Denver moving company.

So do yourself a favor and Hire Galt Moving Denver for your next Denver relocation and rest easy that you have hired Denver's best moving company with the best Denver Movers and saved money along the way!

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