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Tips to Save Time & Save Money with your Denver Movers

The price of Denver moving companies are based on the amount of time the job takes for completion. 

If your Denver moving company saves time, you will save money on your move. The following tips will help. It is important to note though that the following tips are optional and that Galt Moving & Storage are full service Denver Movers.

  • Start collecting packing materials as soon as possible. Ask friends, neighbors, and family for any boxes they may come across.  Common materials that would be helpful while packing would be old Milk cartons, boxes and newspaper. Denver moving companies will also have access to these materials.
  • Denver moving companies recommend having a garage sale an earn some additional cash while at the same time eliminating the time and hassle of moving unwanted items which can save you money during you Local or Long Distance Mover.
  • Do your research and get online help with picking a Denver moving companies. The internet can be a great place to start.  Be sure to check the BBB, and Google ratings (just to name a few) on Denver moving companies reputation.  Efficient, Denver professional moving companies can decrease the amount of time that a move can take potentially saving you money.  Not to mention finding a good reputable Denver moving company will help limit any effects from moving on your Local or Long Distance Move.
  • Allow yourself plenty of time to pack. If the Denver moving company gets there the day of your move and you are not packed, the move is going to take a lot longer which then will cost you more money.  Allow yourself time a more time to pack then you think you will need. If you are running behind, contact your Denver moving companies to get some extra help.
  • If you already have keys to the new home make trips to and from the new home with anything you feel comfortable moving. Doing this can save you money the day of your local Denver moving companies bill.
  • Long carry distance can add time to your move. if the Denver moving companies have to park down the block or around the corner do to lack of parking, it will add time. Have your car and a friends car park overnight in the space you would like the truck to park to reserve the space.
  • If you have to keep your belongings in storage, be sure to shop around. A lot of times there are deals out there $1 for the 1st month or 50% off your 1st

  • If you can, try moving in the winter, middle of the week or in the middle of the month. Denver moving companies are the busiest at the end of the month and Saturday’s throughout the month.  If you can avoid those days you may find your Metro area move can be a little cheaper (depending on your inventory)
  • Galt Moving Denver doesn’t charge any additional fees for metro area moving service. You can find that a lot of Denver moving companies try and sneak fees in there for this  & that.  Those fees can really add to your moving costs.
  • Clearly labeling boxes bedroom #1, #2, #3, Garage, Basement, etc. This helps the Denver moving companies will be more efficient.
  • If the beds are disassembled, mirrors are off dressers, lamp and TV cords are tied up, the time required to finish will be reduced from your Denver moving companies bill.
  • Staging boxes and small furniture in the garage and having the movers unload into the new garage could save a large amount of time off your Denver moving companies bill.
  • Denver moving companies like to have furniture or boxes that are not to be moved or have a different drop location, simply use brightly colored sticky note pads for simple identification.
  • Denver moving companies like for clients to be present during the unload to answer any furniture placement questions as your belongings are taken off the truck.
  • Decide prior to the move date where you would like each piece of furniture to be placed in your new home. Designing a floor plan with furniture would be very helpful for Denver moving companies.
  • Denver moving companies ask to keep any young children or pets away from the moving site. Not only is it a safety hazard, it will also slow the move down considerably.
  • When packing try to place smaller items into larger items to try and cut down on box costs. Be mindful of the box weight and keep them a manageable and safe weight for Galt Moving Storage. Denver moving companies will generally not move overloaded boxes.
  • A lot of times people will move something that won’t fit in their new home. Simply measuring before moving can save you time which in return will save you money with Denver moving companies.
  • For Long Distance Moves, Exercise weights usually cost more to move than just buying new when you get to your new destination. Try selling those before moving and buying new when you get moved.  You might end up making a little bit of money when it’s all said and done.
  • Look for free moving boxes on Craigslist or Facebook. A lot of times you can find everything you need to move rather than buy new.  In additions it is much better for the environment to recycle and re-use.
  • Keep a record of Realtor costs, additional fees and home improvements costs. This could save you money come tax time..
  • If you can negotiate and flexible moving date, being flexible with your Denver moving companies, a lot of times can get a discount.
  • Ask a friend or family member to baby sit pets rather than boarding them.

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