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Packing Tips

Full service packing with your Denver Movers is extremely convenient, however, most customers will pack themselves.  Below are some packing tips to help you get ready for your Galt Moving Crew.

Packing hints Small Boxes (1.5 cubic ft):

Smaller the box – the heavier the item that is packed in it.  Examples would consist of books, canned goods, knick-knacks.  NEVER pack canned goods or books in large boxes as it may be a safety risk for Denver Movers.

Packing hints Medium boxes (3 cubic ft):

Denver movers use these boxes for small kitchen appliances, pots, pans, CD/DVD players, shoes or stereo components.

Packing hints Large Boxes (4.5 cubic ft):

Best for anything lightweight non breakables such as pillows, linens, blankets or clothes. Denver Movers also allow clients to use Contractor Bags for light non breakable items that Denver moving clients are not worried about wrinkling.

Packing hints Dish Pack Boxes:

With double corrugated cardboard, the boxes are extremely resilient and are designed to pack delicate breakable items. You don’t have to buy dish pack boxes from your Denver movers, at home Depot you can buy “heavy duty medium boxes” as a substitute.

Packing hints Mirror Carton (4 pc):

Galt highly recommends that clients have all flat breakables are packed in a (4pc) mirror carton with packing paper or bubble wrap. If you have any exposed canvas art, be sure to only pack one piece per 4 piece set.

Packing hints Wardrobe Boxes:

The large boxes with a bar across the middle are great for clothing you do not want to have wrinkled. Be sure not to pack anything at the bottom of these boxes as they will get too heavy. Some Denver movers, including GALT, provide some loaner wardrobe boxes free of charge.

Approximately how many boxes will I need to pack for my Denver home?

Additional Packing hints

  • You can NEVER use too much packing paper to ensure that all of your items and most notably breakables stay protected during your move. Denver Movers will generally use 10-20 pounds per Dish pack box.
  • Always stack dishes upright while packing them. Also, Denver Movers use double corrugated boxes for breakables and glassware.
  • Its also a good idea to use packing paper not newsprint. The most experienced Denver Movers know that the ink in news print can stain china.
  • Use small boxes for books and canned goods and larger boxes for things like pillows and linens. Boxes filled with books, and canned goods can get very heavy very fast and can pose as a safety hazard for your Denver Movers.
  • Check to see if you have the original boxes for your electronics. If you do have those they are the best way to pack and transport fragile electronics. Denver movers are less likely to have issues with sensitive electronics in their original packing.
  • Decorative, and seasonal items should be the first things that you pack.
  • Always make sure your boxes or bins have tops on them. Don’t worry about interlocking the top of your box.  Denver Movers like to see boxes folded correctly and taped.  Boxes lose structural integrity if they are interlocked and can crush easily.
  • START EATING! Especially if you are moving long distance. There is no reason to pay your Denver movers to relocate food items. Eat your frozen goods, canned goods, and dry goods in the month prior to your move.
  • Be sure to put any storage bins and luggage you have to use by filling them with pillow clothes or linens. This will save you money on boxes from your Denver movers.
  • Pack important and personal paperwork separately and set it aside to transport personally. These can be things like, Bank records, passports, birth certificates, and Social Security cards. Most Denver movers cannot take these items.
  • To save time and reduce any confusion come moving day, mark or label all boxes large and clearly so your Denver movers can work efficiently.
  • Always pack and unpack breakables over a padded surface to help reduce the chance of any effect from moving in Denver.
  • Unless you are hiring pro cleaners, set aside and don’t pack any of your cleaning supplies. There is a good chance that you will need them after your Denver Movers are done.
  • Try and save 2 large boxes per room for bedding that you will be packing the morning of your move so you can sleep tight before your Denver Movers arrive.

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