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Getting an accurate estimate for your move is very important. Not just to know the approximate cost for budgeting, but to ensure you have the right number of men and trucks on your job and that you feel comfortable with the Denver moving companies representative. If you have moved in the past with a different Denver moving companies, you may remember our competitions reluctance to provide an on site estimate for your move.

So let Galt Moving Denver get your move done right the first time. Starting with an accurate estimated cost to:
  • To get an accurate estimated cost
  • To get the correct resources # men # trucks
  • To ensure you feel comfortable with the representative

Galt offers 3 types of Estimates for your convenience

In Home – Virtual In Home – Telephone

On Site In Home Estimate

If your home is over 1800 square ft, you should have an on site evaluation from your Denver moving companies. Local moving service in Denver may be the most customized service you will receive so it is important a representative from the Denver moving companies spends time with you to understand your individual needs.

On Site VIRTUAL In Home Estimate

The accuracy of the In Home Estimate with the convenience of a telephone estimate from your Denver moving companies. The best of both worlds. The virtual In Home Estimate can be done for clients with an IPhone or an IPad VIA FaceTime. Most Denver moving companies do not offer this convenient option.

Telephone Estimates

Denver moving companies telephone estimates can be accurate as long as the client provides a very detailed and accurate inventory of their belongings to their local mover, has accurate and detailed information regarding carry distance, and is confident with an estimated box count. This type of estimate is sufficient for apartment moves, partial moves, and some townhomes. It can be done for a full home over 1800 sf, however Galt prefers to do an on site evaluation. If other Denver moving companies only offer phone estimates, it may be a red flag.

Why don’t Denver Moving Companies like to do In Home Estimates?

  • Phone estimates put the responsibility on the client to get an accurate inventory instead of the Denver moving companies.
  • Denver moving companies do not like to spend extra money on sending a representative to your home.

Be careful doing BUSINESS with Denver moving companies who do not offer IN HOME ESTIMATES!

Very professional and friendly

“Very professional and friendly they made my moving experience easy! Great job!”  Mara V.

Courteous & Quick

“The three gentlemen the moved us were excellent! Very professional, courteous, and quick.”  Hal S.

They Worked Their Magic...

“Chris, Ruben, Blake, and Ben were all very pleasant and professional. They worked their magic so all our furniture fit perfectly into our new home.”  Eileen S.

These Men of Yours are the BEST!

“These three movers were exceptionally fast, courteous, helpful, and efficient. I have moved from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Illinois, and now Colorado and these three men of yours are the BEST!”  Jean G.

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