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Galt has NO EXTRA Charges for Metro Area Moving Service


We have all heard the stories. The movers arrive at your new home and demand double or triple the original estimate. This is usually caused by surprise extra fees and Port-Port billing (start and end the hourly rate at their office).

With Galt Moving, you never have to worry about any surprises. We have absolutely no extra or hidden fees for your moving service in metro Denver. You pay our low hourly rate from the time we arrive (rounded down in ¼ hour increment) to the time we leave (rounded up in ¼ hour increment) and that’s it. Many of our competitors advertise low hourly rates, but fail to mention their:

  • Travel Charge
  • Fuel Charge
  • Shrink Wrap Fee
  • Wardrobe Rental Fee
  • Extra Stop Fee
  • Piano Charge
  • Stair Charge
  • Quilt Pad Fee

No one likes unpleasant surprises – When you do the math, you may find you are paying a lot more per hour than you expected. It is our goal when your Galt team finishes you will be pleasantly surprised.

Many movers will bait people in with low hourly rates or low minimums, then at the end of the move they add $400-1000 of extra fees. Some companies are honest about these fees when you ask and some are not. Be sure to ask about the fees listed above when shopping for your Denver mover.

Keep in mind not all moves are within the metro area. For moves outside the metro area, a outside metro fee will apply. Also, be advised Galt charges for specialty services like storage and specialty materials like paper pads, mattress bags, comprehensive floor covering (ram board & carpet saver), packing materials. Call the office for details.

Galt Denver Metro Service Area

Very professional and friendly

“Very professional and friendly they made my moving experience easy! Great job!”  Mara V.

Courteous & Quick

“The three gentlemen the moved us were excellent! Very professional, courteous, and quick.”  Hal S.

They Worked Their Magic...

“Chris, Ruben, Blake, and Ben were all very pleasant and professional. They worked their magic so all our furniture fit perfectly into our new home.”  Eileen S.

These Men of Yours are the BEST!

“These three movers were exceptionally fast, courteous, helpful, and efficient. I have moved from Connecticut, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Illinois, and now Colorado and these three men of yours are the BEST!”  Jean G.

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