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You can get a fast, efficient moving quote by calling 303-795-8500 or by filling out the form to the right. We understand you are under a lot of pressure and need your moving quote fast, at Galt Moving Denver we will get it done either on the phone or if your needs are more complicated, we will conduct an in-home moving quote. Either way we promise to get it done fast, so you can rest easy that that part is done. We also figured you really don't want to pay a bunch unnecessary extra charges when you already are under so much stress. We know Moving in Denver is tough.

Our customers told us...

  • Don't charge me to drive to my house.
  • Don't charge me to shrink wrap my furniture.
  • Don't charge me for your truck fuel.
  • Don't charge me a mileage charge.
  • Don't charge me a "travel" or "trip" or "truck" charge.
  • or any other crazy charge the moving company dreams up.

That's how Galt Moving Denver set its pricing


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Honest & Fair Moving Rates

We have all heard the stories. The movers arrive at your new home and demand double or triple the original estimate. With Galt Moving, you never have to worry about any surprises. We have absolutely no extra or hidden fees, for Metro moves you pay our low hourly rate from the time we arrive to the time we leave and that's it. Many of our competitors advertise low hourly rates, but fail to mention their travel charge, fuel charge, shrink wrap fee, wardrobe or box rental fee, extra stop fee, piano charge, etc... No one likes unpleasant surprises - When you do the math, you may find you are paying a lot more per hour than you expected. It is our goal when your Galt team finishes you will be pleasantly surprised. When you relocate from one place to another is not just about packing and waiting for the movers.

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