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Local Movers are not all the same They range from Local moving companies with years of experience and an excellent reputation built over thousands of moves to local movers that change their name regularly to avoid their reputation. Some Local Movers charge hundreds in un-necessary extra charges but the best local mover does not do this. Galt Moving Denver is your best choice for local movers with no extra charges for metro area moves. Plus, we charge you from the time we get to your house until the time we leave that's it.

Picking a local mover?


Does your local mover use high pressure tactics?

  • Hounding phone calls,
  • Lying about the competition,
  • Harassing emails
  • Don't put up with this! It is a red flag... if your local mover is treating you this way before the move Imagine how the move will go. Tell them you're hiring Galt Moving Denver and that's it.

Does your local mover have all the proper insurance?

  • Galt Moving Denver carrys Workers compensation
  • Galt Moving Denver carrys Truck insurance (Vehicle)
  • Galt Moving Denver carrys Cargo Insurance
  • Galt Moving Denver carrys General Liability Insurance
  • Galt Moving Denver carrys Unemployment insurance
  • You don't want to find out too late that you have hired a local mover without insurance. Call the PUC - Colorado Public Utilities Commission , to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate local mover.

Does your local mover use their own fleet of "real moving trucks"?

  • Galt Moving Denver has Full size 36' local moving trucks.
  • Galt Moving Denver has Full width local moving trucks with "E Track" to secure your goods.
  • Galt Moving Denver has trucks with Cab over storage to help insure we get as much as possible in 1 load.
  • Don't settle for "Box Trucks". This doesn't sound like a big deal but it can save you hundreds if you end up paying your local mover for an extra trip to pick up the last few items.

Does your local mover use Temporary workers or laborers?

  • Galt Moving Denver never uses temporary workers.
  • Galt Moving Denver never uses laborers.
  • Galt Moving Denver uses only skilled, professional movers that are our employees.
  • Don't be misled by unscrupulous competitors that lie about other local movers. They are trying to scare you because they are scared of high quality local movers like Galt Moving Denver.

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