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Denver moving companies are not all the same, virtually all have a huge variety of "extra charges" that can cost you hundreds of dollars in unnecessary moving fees. The fact is, these Denver moving companies sell their jobs by estimating the hours, then simply stating plus any incidental charges. In reality, these "incidental" charges are things like Travel charge, truck charge, fuel charge, mileage charge, dispatch charge, and it costs you sometime as much as 50 percent extra for your move. That does not mean they are a bad moving company, just that this is their way of doing business. This is not Galt Moving's way of doing business. We believe denver moving companies should be more transparent about their charges.

Before you pick a mover consider this:

Does your Denver moving company have...

  • Travel charge, Truck charge, Trip charge
  • Fuel charge, Mileage charge, Dispatch charge
  • Heavy object fee, Piano fee, Extra stop fee
  • Service charge, Long carry charge, Weekend up charge
  • Stair charge, Shrink wrap fee, Wardrobe rental fee
  • Port to port fee, Elevator fee, Assembly charge
  • The reality is, that if you hire the average Denver moving company you will pay one or probably more of these fees. BOTTOM LINE IT COSTS YOU $200 or $500 extra for nothing. We don't play this game. Denver moving companies should have a fair hourly rate that starts and stops at your door - Galt Moving Denver does! When the secret gets out, everyone will use Galt Moving Denver.

Doesn't sound like a big deal until it costs you $500

  • Ask what extra charges your Denver Moving Company plans to charge you.
  • Then call Galt Moving Denver ask us the same thing.

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